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Out with the Old and keeping the Old

Sometimes a customer will ask can I do different types of fences, My answer is always Yes. However it is always down to what will look the best for the end product. Keeping it simple is always best at the end of the day. This customer here had a few requirements

  • Security for horses

  • keeping the yard area simple

  • looking Elegant for the completed job

  • something that will blend in with the natural surroundings

  • keeping the "Old" style look around the Premises

The Post and Rail option gave the customer all the above requirements. Timber is always the easiest option to blend in with these fabulous mature trees, keeps the yard secure and the use of the Old style iron gates help give the added feature of original old estate feeling.

I will work to suit all customers needs and requirements and every time the customer is always more than delighted with the end product. this is always a key priority with all completed jobs

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