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Birds and Nature

As you all well know at this time of year it's cold, wet and miserable out there. Did you ever think about getting home boosting the heating or just putting something extra on the fire to keep warm?

Well while your thinking of all that, what about our little feathered friend outside? To be honest the majority of us don't!

They don't have the luxuries we have.

So what can we do you might ask?

Giving them something to eat will give all our feathered friends a fabulous sense of that warm feeling inside

Making sure they have a little to eat everyday will make them extremely happy to stay warm

What do you get from this you may ask yourself?

For me it is the extreme satisfaction of keeping nature safe, warm and alive over the winter months

Plus it's always nice to sit back, look out the window and watch all the different species of birds arrive to eat on a daily basis.

How can I do this you make ask yourself?

I did a small amount of looking and quickly found this bird seed feeder on Amazon for less than €10

You will be able to hang it easily from a nearby tree or even the side of your house

All you have to do is simply follow the link I have attached below to make this winter a pleasant one for all our little birds

Take pride in knowing that next spring they will have survived this winter because YOU, yes YOU made the cold and wet winter day a happy time for them

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