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Best fencing experience for a while

Recently while doing some sheep fencing, TAMS Grant, for a farmer/customer, in Cullahill, Co. Laois, I was asked to look at a fence in a paddock beside his house. The paddock is of great importance to this farmer, especially in the spring as he will lamb all his ewes here for great convenience of being able to have a watchful eye over them.

On my first sight of the fence in question, all I could say is, "I'm sorry but a repair job is out of the question!" When I put my hand to the post and rail fence it nearly fell over in front of me. From a Labour point of view it would just take to long to do anything with the post and rail fence that was there. The farmer agreed it was probably time to replace the fence as he reckoned it was probably about 30 years old.

So, we studied it a little further as to what type of fence would work best and be cost effective. He didn't want to spend big money on a new post and rail fence, but at the same time he didn't just want a sheepwire fence as it is beside the house and in full view beside the road.

So the challenge ahead was;

  • Not plain, but stock/sheep proof

  • Not expensive, but looks eloquent

  • Just keeping it simple

After much consideration we came to a very good solution. And the end result was a very happy customer.

I am delighted to have had the opportunity to create such a fabulous project. A good job is always a happy customer.

I hope everyone who sees this post will agree that it is the best solution for the situation that I

was faced with.

#Fencing #Gardenfencing #Farmfencing #Residentialfencing #Horse #Equestrian #Sheepfencing #TAMSGrant

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