Equine Fencing

Electric Cable


Post & Rail

Post and Rail Fence

Post and Rail Fence (boundary or perimeter of site, StockProof option)

  • Three or Four Rail Fence

  • With Sheep wire

  • With Chicken or Rabbit Wire

  • With Wind Breaker

  • With Chain-link

  • With Plain High-Tensile Wire

  • With Electric Fence

  • With Barb Wire


All our fencing structures are available with the option of Creosoted Pressure Treatment or Tanalised Pressure Treatment.

We will advise you and design a fence solution to suit your individual needs and budget.


Our Fence Expert comes highly trained with practical experience since 2004.

Stud Flexible Rail (boundary or perimeter of site, stock proof option)

  • This is ideal for use in areas of reduced pressure or when fencing on a budget.

  • The high tensile polymer brackets are steel reinforced for unmatched strength.

  • The exclusive design allows the rail to move through the bracket, dispersing impact.

  • Stability circles prevent buckling due to upward or downward pressure on the railing, extending rail life.

  • The flexible design of the rail enables it to withstand impact without risking injury to your horse, avoiding caught legs and entanglement injuries.

  • This product is ideal for, Perimeters, Race tracks, Dividing fences, Arenas and Walkways.

Stud Flexible Rail


Horse Wire Netting

Horse Wire Netting (boundary or perimeter of site, stock proof option)

  • Manufactured from Hi-Tensile Wire, and galvanised for long life, its close spaced wires create the perfect sized net.

  • In addition, the spring type qualities of Hi-Tensile allow the fence to flex under pressure and withstand animal impact without loss of strength.

  • The rigid mesh barrier offers strength and long life Qualities, effectively keeping horses in and preventing the entry of other animals. This option can be installed with a standard rail along the top of the fence, with an electric fence on top, or jus simply on its own.

  • This type or fence ranges in different types a sizes ranging from 0.9meters up to 1.6meters.